Even in times of waiting, stay active; don’t settle for safe – #MotivationMonday

We can only release our potential by releasing God’s potential. That takes faith.

Our faith doesn’t have to be perfect, but it has to be honest.

Even the faltering, hesitant, confused, and incomplete faith you currently feel is your portion is enough.

When we admit our weaknesses, God is ready to come in with divine power.

When our hearts, talents, and character are in alignment with God’s purposes, amazing things happen. We walk with the beautiful blend of humility and confidence. We get to see God’s power in action, and we’re amazed.



To get into alignment:

1. Don’t just sit idly with your gifts. Identify them, invest in them, and find a mentor to help you fine-tune them.

2. Realize you are a walking, talking temple of God. The path you therefore take shall surely wind through the valleys and to the mountaintops.

3. You will experience unexpected surges of success.

4. Have confidence that God’s preparing you for greater things. Even in times of waiting, stay active.

Through it all, realize that your maximum potential is released only when you are vitally connected with God so that His limitless potential seeps into every pore, trickles into every moment, and explodes into your deepest needs.

This kind of alignment is like playing a complicated musical instrument. We learn each by careful study and practice, but if we don’t keep up the practice, our talent fades. Therefore inasmuch as we may enjoy God’s peace, we should never relax.

Our hearts need to stay steadfast—always searching, longing, looking, waiting, and expecting God to do magnificent things.

No More Excuses

Most people struggling to overcome their fears have had an encounter with disappointment so great that every dream they can conceive is contaminated with the toxic anxiety of failure.

When your mind becomes cluttered with the possibilities of “what if,” there is no room for faith. Living life prepared for the worst possible outcome is like living in a cage—it’s not freedom.

Over time, you will recognize the difference between guarding your heart and restricting it. You’ll learn to stop talking yourself out of the good things God has promised to all who live according to His purpose.

You, my survivor friend, will not settle for a life dictated by insecurities or previous experiences.

You have access to power that is capable of working within you to free you from any mental and emotional bondage that has convinced you a better life is not within your grasp. We cannot tap into that power and hang on to excuses at the same time.

Your heart, mind, and hands must be free to lay hold of all that is ahead of you.

Shedding excuses is a discipline that must be practiced with our thoughts, communication, and actions.

There is only room for language that declares: I will!

Growth occurs when we confront our personal experiences and how they’ve changed us. You can create a new pattern and move forward with determination like never before, but you must learn what’s stopped you in the past.

If the challenge to heal and become whole has been issued by people other than yourself, then your journey will always require permission before progression.

Don’t allow your destiny to be determined by a democracy.

Your immediate circle may not know how to coach you through your heartbreak or, even worse, they may need the company of your misery to distract them from their own need for healing.

Avoid the temptation to make your healing contingent on approval and validation from other people.

The bridge from who you once were to who God has ordained you to be is created from bricks of vulnerability, humility as strong as mortar, and a master plan so perfect, even the things that once hurt you will serve in making you better.

Your willingness to let go of the excuses and vow to move forward just laid the first brick, but there’s still work to be done.

You are possible! I am possible! Let’s be possible together as we seek to unlock our greatest potential and live our best lives!


Is life in the fast lane abundant? – #TruthThursday

We are tired these days, and proud of it. We work hard and pay for it with chronic fatigue.

We live our lives in the fast lane, but are we living well?

There are times when we have to burn the candle at both ends, but I wonder if the perpetually tired are victims of the grind, or of poor priorities!

Truth be told, people who are overworked and overtired hurry along a road of diminishing returns.

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What’s your functional fitness regimen? – #WellnessWednesday

If you’re like me, you must take daily physical excersices very seriously and then rest like a boss.

Not only because a good workout is immensely good for overall wellbeing, but also because it does give you time to yourself, you know. And as promised last week, I share my big five functional fitness regimen today.

Nothing beats the knowledge that you’re taking good care of the temple of God, you know.

Sure, the best of us do it for all kinds of reasons, such as having that great beach bod, others do it professionally i.e. the professional body-builders, some want to have bigger bottoms, others want to strengthen their cores, some want abs of steel while others want flexible limbs . . .

Question is why do you workout and have you completed your “daily functional five” workout today?

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Re-imagine, create – #TransformationTuesday

The iPhone is an amazing invention.

You can find your way around town with it; take great pictures; find movie times; store your favorite music on it. If you trace the iPhone back to where it came from, there’s a store that sold it; a place that shipped it. There’s a plant that built it; people that designed it, and if you follow the trail all the way back you will find that the iPhone was dreamed up in someone’s imagination.

Everything starts with a dream. Every invention ever made. Every building ever built, every painting ever painted, every book ever written, every movie ever filmed, they all started with a dream.

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Hope – #MotivationMonday

Hope is a powerful motivator.

I have experienced the power of hope for years now; what with pregnancy, job interviews, relationships, family and plain ole’ miracles.

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Let food be thy medicine – #TruthThursday

Of all of Hippocrates’ brainy quotes about health and wellness, such as “Life is short, the art long”, I must admit “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” is by far my most favourite.

Duh, because I’m such a foodie, but particularly because I fuss over – well – the bad types of food and the exaggeration of all kinds of diets of our time . . . What with the Keto diet, the Paleo diet, the Atkins diet . . . You name it! Like, who gives anyone the right to dictate what people ought to eat, right?

I mean, really, with the massive invasion of our decision-making by all kinds of information about literally everything you could think of in mainstream media and the glorious world of internet as it is, it can be hard to make even the simplest of decisions like what to eat for supper without wondering whether or not it is good for your body, or even pocket, in the long run.

Wherever the art of medicine is loved, there is also a love of humanity.

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Tell a different story – #TransformationTueaday

Neither we or the universe are products of random and accidental occurrences. Creation and transformation are divine conspiracies.

We spoke about being a Kingdom-driven entrepreneur, yesterday. And as a follow up to that, being #TransformationTuesday here on Phenomenal Magazine a.k.a #ChooseDay, I’m here to tell you that as a Kingdom-driven individual, you’re a transformation agent.

You have been given the gift of a platform (in your career of choice) where you can truly impact lives with what you do in the marketplace/field/on set, etc.

Through your career of choice, you have an opportunity to operate in excellence so that others can see God operating in you and through you.

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What motivates your entrepreneurial drive? – #MotivationMonday

Have you ever noticed how entrepreneurs are hardly ever short of ideas?

I mean our minds work on high at all times, day and night. We’re always thinking, envisioning, creating things, having board meetings in our minds, negotiating and sealing huge deals all in on our minds before we even get out of bed.

And if you’re like me, you can even think ahead of yourself and build a whole new life decades from your present, which can sometimes become an issue without any mentorship.

So knowing how my mind works, my long-term 5-in-1 mentor (for mental, physical, spiritual, financial and emotional) mentor recently asked me what my motive was behind walking away from the conventional setting of the corporate world, at a time when my career seemed to be at its peak.

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