Depression can be your friend, not your enemy – #SoulSearchSunday

Turns out that depression is more common than I expected. According to a writer, Tim Chan, he remembers being at a Men’s Breakfast at his church, and five out of the six men at his table admitted to going through depression. But it is rarely talked about.

“I tried many things to get rid of the depression – sleeping, fasting, and prayer, talking to friends, and listening to motivational talks and sermons. I went to see a counselor. My goal was to get rid of depression so that I could return to living a normal life.”

God in the Dark, author Luci Shaw writes, “A common misinterpretation of the healthy on the sick is that wellness is a matter of choice and decision.” When Tim read this he “wanted to choose not to be depressed, but it wasn’t up to me.”

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Water is life! – #WellnessWednesday

Begin Your Day With Water

How do you begin your day?

Did you know water is valuable to both your body and mind? Did you know that starting each day with hot lemon water and two table-spoons of organic honey, on an empty stomach every single day, could keep the doctor away? I know, I know… So does (red) apples, but let’s focus on water today. Shall we?

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Show me a super-mommy, I’ll give you a hug – #HappyMothersDay

Have you ever met a supermommy? Her baby sleeps soundly, nurses happily, and meets every milestone ahead of schedule. She tidies the house while her baby plays quietly with a wooden teether at her brightly pedicured feet. Nap time is just long enough for her favorite hobby and a spunky exercise routine.

Her doting husband or significant other arrives home in time to kiss her cheek and pinch her baby-weight-free behind before playing with the baby while she creates a healthy and delicious dinner.

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Life Detox – #WellnessWednesday

Detoxification is a type of alternative treatment which aims to rid the body of unspecified “toxins” – accumulated substances that proponents claim have undesirable short-term or long-term effects on individual health.

Sure, detoxifying your system implies that it isn’t 100%. So stay with me for a moment to see how my Life Detox works best for your physical, mental, emotional and, yes, spiritual wellbeing.

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Weight of Spoken Word – #SuperSoulSaturday

pexels-photo-256428.jpegIt took surgically-enforced silence to drive home the value of the spoken word. Doctor’s orders – not a peep for three weeks.

After three days, I was showing all the signs of cracking up. I wasn’t built for silence. I mean, who is? Right? But did you know… Read more

Sticks and Stones – #Words

Three Truths About Words


Author of Tongue Pierced, Nelson Searcy, says to start changing things for the better, we first need to recognize three essential truths about the nature of words.

According to Searcy, in order to steer away from words that can cause damage and toward words that create life, we should begin to work these truths into our thinking: Read more

The Unexpected Party – #HeIsRisen!


A party was the last thing Mary Magdalene expected as she approached the tomb on that Sunday morning. The last few days had brought nothing to celebrate. To her the last few days had brought nothing but tragedy.

In the early morning mist she arises from her mat, takes her spices and aloes, and leaves her house, past the Gate of Gennath and up to the hillside. She anticipates a somber task.

By now the body will be swollen. Death’s odor will be pungent.

A gray sky gives way to gold as she walks up the narrow trail. As she rounds the final bend, she gasps. The rock in front of the grave is pushed back.

When she stoops down and sticks her head into the hewn entrance, she sees what looks to be a man, but he’s white—radiantly white. He is one of two lights on either end of the vacant slab. Read more

The Temple Curtain Torn in Two – #WeAreWelcome

The curtain of the Temple was hung before the Holy of Holies, which was part of the Temple no one could enter.


Jewish worshipers could enter the outer court, but only the priests could enter the Holy Place. And no one, except the high priest on one day a year, entered the Holy of Holies. No one. Why? Because the shekinah glory—the glory of God—was present there. Read more