Third Week of November! Buzz Quote – The beauty of goal-setting and achievements is that once you achieve one thing, your motivation to dare do something more peaks.Image result for the purpose of any pain you experience is not to make you suffer It’s to drive you to action.

Second week of November! Buzz quote – Be better than you were yesterday. It’s a daily process. Be patient with yourself.

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First week of November. Buzz quote – At what cost does your dream come true?

Image result for at what cost are you pursuing your dream regret

Third week of October! Buzz word – Communication

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Second week of October! Buzz word – Improvement

Image result for self-motivation quotes

First week of October! Buzz word – Perfectionism

Image result for perfection infection

Third week of September! Buzz quote – That dream that is in your heart is meant to be FULFILLED! There is a reason that you can feel it in the inside of you. That is because it is POSSIBLE to manifest it in reality. But God is waiting on YOU to make a move! It’s time to take ACTION – VM

Image result for take action in your dream

Second week of September! Buzz quote – Self-confidence begins with YOUR truthTanya Amey.

Image result for self confidence and self esteem

Third week of August! Buzz quote – Being busy means doing stuff. Being productive means getting stuff done.

Second week of August! Buzz phrase – #Failure isn’t fatal

First week of August! Buzz word – #PositiveMindset

Last week of July! Buzz words – #Balance

Third week of July!! It’s another #MotivationMonday. And here’s the motivation you need: In life, there are three choices; give in, give up, or give it your all! What will you do this week?

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Till next week, stay motivated!

Second week of July!! It’s #MotivationMonday. What motivates you? Visit our social pages for video content on this! Remember, if you don’t build your own dreams, someone else will hire you to make theirs a reality! What shall you choose?

Have a phenomenal week!

First week of July! Buzz phrase: Get off the comfort zone!

Last week of June!! Buzz phrase: Start small, rebuild your walls in 52 days! Click on this link for inspiration on how to start. Wish you well –

Fourth week of June!! Buzz phrase of the week: Fathers beyond Fathers’ Day!

Third week of June!!! Buzz word: Resilience. 

Second week of June!! Buzzword: Relax (God’s got you)

1. However tough the challenge may be; never give up! Resilience is a beautiful thing – Ilse Stears (Caffe Brazza) never never

2. Great heroes need great sorrows and burdens, or half their greatness goes unnoticed. It is all part of the fairy tale – Peter S. Beagle

hero defined

3. ProVISION always follows a great VISION – Strive Masiyiwa

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