The bitter truth is people are bitter if not just mad. Most live under governments that hike their Taxes every day and yet people have responsibilities! Lord, don’t even get started on this one because the prices go up for everything except a monthly income. vigo-lite_phase-4_inclusion_10x7-print_option-1-002_2_001.jpg

You wake up in the morning after a barely slept night to take a cranky little one to school and then get on with your day like everything is fine. Grace, oh Lord, grace.

If you’ve been ill like me lately,  and yet work from home, no joy there! But tell you what we are generation that has learnt to fight so hard for joy. Like today, my body  won’t let me just be, but if I think the responsibilities I have, I end up on with an ivy drip – God forbid – no more!

So what does one do? What are we going to do to just keep getting by? And who wants to get by? I know I don’t! I want to live. But has someone ever me taught how to do that? No, not really. So you keep it all in. You keep it all in till your feet turn pale because, you’re scared of exploding! Like you all anger and frustration on your feet. Who knew pockets could be so low below!

The truth is, I want to explode every single day. Then I remember I’m ill and with responsibilities someone need not not have lay on me. So what do I do? I get numb and get by, just so I don’t take it out on my poor children – who will use the last nerve until I’m left on the bathroom floor wondering what to do with her when she screams, “I don’t want to go to school!” Lord, have mercy. Just so I can keep well. It’s almost condescending to be told to stay positive…because it’s just too much! So these are the things I’ve decided to do to let it all out. Maybe you should try them too.

1. Paint

Painting is a great way to relieve stress because it’s a creative outlet. You can throw all your emotions into the canvas, or you can immerse yourself in a work of art completely separate from the things stressing you out and any tension will wash away! Check out Muse Paintbar for painting sessions led by a helpful instructor, plus there’s wine, beer and food included!

Muse Paintbar painting sessions

2. Buy a plant

We’ve all heard that plants help purify the air in our homes, but studies have shown that the presence of greenery actually has calming effects! For plants delivered right to your door, head over to The Sill, which ships adorable potted plants like cacti and succulents nationwide!

The Sill plant shopping website

3. Dance

Dancing is just plain good for the soul, but it’s also an awesome form of exercise which is ideal for eliminating stress. Release those endorphins and get your groove on right in your living room with Julianne Hough’s Just Dance!, the Zumba Slimdown DVD set or Tracy Anderson’s Metamorphosis at-home dance program!

USA, Florida, Jupiter, Young women dancing in dance studio

4. Massage your ears

Massaging any part of the body is probably going to be relaxing, but the earlobes are an extra sensitive place with the power to affect other parts of your body and mind. Eastern medicine believes that stimulating various points on the ear correspond to healing for other areas of the body. For an additional boost of zen, use peppermint essential oil when rubbing your ears, which has a calming effect due to its cooling sensation.

5. Kickbox

Perhaps the most satisfying way to get out any stress or frustration in your life, kickboxing is the perfect physical outlet for all that pent-up emotion. While you can take kickboxing classes at boutique boxing studios like SHADOWBOX, you can also kickbox on your own at home with programs like this one.

6. Take a shower

Sometimes you just need to wash off the crazy day you’ve had, and a hot shower is a great way to actually do that. And, you can take it to the next level of relaxation by using essential oil-infused body washes and lotions for a little de-stressing aromatherapy. Try using this Burt’s Bees body wash and follow it up with this all-natural post-rinse body oil — we can’t get enough of it.

Woman showering

7. Travel

People often think traveling itself can be stressful, but sometimes you just need to go somewhere. Escape your life, even if only for a day, and treat yourself to a day off work, a good meal, maybe some sun and a good book. You’d be surprised at how much good it can do a person. Whether you need a little sun and sand, time spent in the great outdoors or are hoping to hunker down for a day or two, a trip might be exactly what you need!


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