The Best Holiday Gift Ideas For the Whole Family!

Who says everyone on your gift list needs a present of their own? Sometimes it’s a gift for the entire family that gets everyone excited. Be it a board game everyone can enjoy or a cooking project both kids and adults can have a hand in preparing, a family gift is a fun way to gather everyone together.


1. Personalized Family Mugs

Personalized Family Mugs

Forget about fighting over who gets what with these personalized family mugs ($30 each). Each mug comes customized with the family member’s name and cartoon character.

2. Mother & Daughter Letter Book Set

Mother & Daughter Letter Book Set

This letter book set captures moments of time for both mothers and their daughters in a precious way that they can enjoy for years to come.

3. Cuisinart Electric Ice Cream Maker

What family doesn’t scream for ice cream? Make your own frozen treats (and save some money in the Summer) with an electric mixer.

4. Full House: The Complete Series on DVD

If Full House has become your family’s TV obsession (as it has with ours), catch up before watching the Netflix reboot with the entire series on DVD ($60, originally $150).

5. Family Corn-hole Set

Spring will be here soon, and you’ll want to get the gang outside. These cornhole boards ($125) feature a set of rules that every family should live by.

6. Family Fun Bucket List

This bucket list ($18) is a sweet kit that includes an array of new experiences for families to draw from.

7. Mrs. Fields Sweet Things Snow-person Set

For some families, the fastest way to their heart is with food, so don’t delay sharing the love with these adorable and seasonal treats ($50)!

8. Rock Band 4 Bundle Package

Build a legendary rock career with the next generation of Rock Band($170).

9. Waring Snow Cone Maker

Who wouldn’t go crazy over fair-worthy treats from their very ownsnow cone maker ($70, originally $130)?

10. Personalized Family Cameo Portrait

Give a modern twist on the Victorian cameo while celebrating your family with this personalized family cameo portrait ($75).

11. Chronicle Books Travel Stub Diary

For the family who loves to travel, having a place to keep all of the meaningful trinkets from their trips, like this travel stub diary ($12), is a priceless gift.

12. Nordic Ware Snowflake Silver Dollar Pancake Pan

Warm up snowy mornings in a special way with a snowflake silver dollar pancake pan ($35, originally $47).

13. Mini Ice Cream Sandwich Press

You’ll be impressed with how adorable your creations come out with this mini ice cream sandwich press ($15) that allows kiddos to get in on the fun.

14. People Feeder

Whether or not it’s gifted with everyone’s favorite treats, this People Feeder ($40) will be a major hit with adults and kids alike.

15. Compendium A Year of Gratitude

It’s not about the size of the gift you give but the meaning behind it, and this Compendium A Year of Gratitude ($30) will help families enjoy the little things all year.

16. Family-Size Cotton Canvas Tepee

The family-size cotton canvas tepee($49-$399) not only creates a festive play space both indoors and outdoors, but it can also be easily decorated by crafty families with paint.

17. Kettle Deluxe Pizza Oven Kit

With this pizza oven kit ($200, originally $220), you can easily transform your charcoal grill into a wood-burning pizza oven.

18. Conversations With My Father and Mother

The unique Conversations With My Father and Mother ($13) book helps kiddos get to know their parents in a different and meaningful way.

19. Family Charades In-a-Box

With Family Charades In-a-Box ($34, originally $40), it’s pretty much guaranteed to add a spark of fun to that coveted bonding time.

20. Wii U Deluxe Set

The Wii U ($300) is bound to be a hit with the entire family. The wireless GamePad controller adds a second screen to gameplay and still allows for four game controllers so everyone can play together. It also has motion control, a front-facing camera, a microphone, stereo speakers, and rumble features, and this deluxe version comes with two brand-new games: Super Mario Bros. U and Super Luigi U.

21. Minted Heart Snapshot Mix

Take all of your favorite photos over the last year and turn them into one awesome, adorable piece of art with Minted’s heart snapshot ($29-$465). Each print includes more than 30 of your favorite family shots.

22. Personalized Social Calendar

This colorful personalized social calendar ($37) is an easy way to keep everyone’s busy schedules organized in one master spot.

23. Personalized Family Pillow

Everyone will enjoy curling up with this personalized family pillow($150) that not only adds a warm and unique touch to any room but also gets all family members in on the fun.

24. iPad Pro

OK, so you’re probably going to have to come up with a schedule for who gets to use it for the first few months, but the iPad Pro ($599-$1,129) is sure to please everyone in the family, from toddlers to grandparents!

25. Sweets of the Month Club

Yes, it’s important to limit your candy intake, but it’s also important to treat yourself. With a Candy Club membership ($20-$28 per month), your family will receive a box filled with two to three pounds of sweets like sour belts, saltwater taffy, and Haribo gummies.

26. Waring Deluxe Popcorn Maker

If family movie nights are a regular occurrence in your home — or you’re just looking for a fun activity to bring the kids into the kitchen — a popcorn machine is the way to go. Forget the microwave and go for Williams-Sonoma’s Waring Deluxe Popcorn Maker ($80).

27. Table Topics

The Family edition of Table Topics($25) will get everyone communicating and learning about each other and the extended family. Questions include “How did your grandparents meet and fall in love?” and “Which famous athlete would you love to meet?”

28. Photo Plates

Surprise everyone at dinner with a set of plates showing their lovely faces! Shutterfly’s photo plates ($18-$20) come in a variety of designs (including some with Disney characters the kids may love), ensuring that everyone at the table can feel the love!

29. Foosball Table

Gather the family around for a competitive game of foosball! Restoration Hardware’s foosball table ($3,746) may be one of the most luxurious versions we’ve ever seen — it’s stainless steel and iroko wood — but there are versions out there to match every budget, and size really doesn’t matter when it comes to getting the whole family to agree on playing the same game.

30. A Family Vacation

Want to really surprise everyone? Hand out envelopes with a photo of the vacation you planned for them! Whether it’s a Disney cruise or a trip to the nearest beach, nothing beats a family vacation.

31. Family Game Night 4

Once you’ve secured your Wii U, you’ll want to get your hands onFamily Game Night 4 ($50) — it also works with previous versions of Wii. The video game turns your living room into the biggest board game ever as the family competes in modernized board game favorites like Connect 4 Basketball, Yahtzee! Bowling, Scrabble Flash, Sorry! Sliders, and Bop It Boptagon.

32. Personalized Memory Game

Image result for christmas quotes
How good is your memory? Rather than search for fruit or animals, create your own family version of the memory game with Pinhole Press’spersonalized option ($30). Simply pick 12 of your favorite family photos, upload them to the site, and get ready for some friendly competition among the members of your family.

33. My Monopoly

A surefire way to get everyone in the family to put down their smartphones and tablets! My Monopoly ($17, originally $35) lets you customize the board with photos of your family throughout the year.

34. Zoku Quick Pop Maker

With endless fresh fruit combinations, create your own customized frozen treats with Zoku’s Quick Pop Maker ($50).

35. Waring Belgian Waffle Maker

Thanks to this Belgian waffle maker($60, originally $90), you can enjoy a restaurant-style breakfast without leaving your kitchen.

36. Collage Cylinder Vase

A collage cylinder vase ($150) is a unique way to display meaningful memories and can be customized with either black-and-white or color photographs.

37. Chalkboard Table Runner Set

From kids’ games to a chic dinner party tablescape, this chalkboard table runner set ($12-$34) has many uses and will be admired by children and adults alike.

38. DysFUNction Board Game

Get a laugh out of some of the chaos in your family with this hystericalDysFUNction Board Game ($30) that will have everyone cracking up.

39. Personalized Lazy Susan

Not only will this Personalized Lazy Susan ($185) help with family meals around the table but it’s also a stylish touch for any kitchen.

40. Herb Pot With Tray

Not only will kids love setting up akitchen herb garden ($30), but they’ll also love adding the fresh spices to their dishes.

41. Museum Pass

Give the gift of time to your family this year — time at a museum. Whether you already have a favorite one to visit or you’re itching to discover a new one, buying a family membership will give you the chance to visit the museum throughout the year — without feeling the need to rush through the exhibits.

42. Apple TV

Turn your TV into an all-in-one device with a little black box. Apple TV ($149-$199) streams family photos on the TV, rents movies, streams Netflix, allows you to watch YouTube, and more. With all of that, the kids will be begging to snuggle up to Mom and Dad on the sofa for a family movie night!

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