37b0d5fb022aa956eaef0646af4a9344It is only a few days before Christmas and by now, many of us are feeling some stress about “getting it all done” regardless of how hard we try to keep things simple.

If you were seeking comfort from a difficult emotion, don’t berate yourself for how you handled it, take pride for recognizing it.

We set goals to avoid over consumption – something that surrounds us this time of year – and today being day 8 of our December 30-day personal development challenge, allow me to teach how to find your truth this holiday.

Whether it is with how many people we purchase gifts for, how much money we spend, sending Christmas cards to everyone we’ve ever met, laying out the perfect table decorations, sharing too many glasses of wine or enjoying more than a few cookies from the staff table, we all start the season with the best of intentions… until…

98062fc1fb3b2113b3ecbf44c2266c04As the month progresses our guilt plays on us as we look around at the mounds of media telling us that our plan of “simple and less” isn’t good enough. This not only pushes us to work harder and do more, it increases our stress levels and plays on our emotions creating a breeding ground for negative inner chatter.

Negative self-talk

This is a destructive force that sneaks in unaware and entangles itself in our minds. Many of us may even live much of our lives without being aware that this unwanted guest is residing within us. Around the holidays, this voice of negativity tends to get a little louder, as it does when we are tired, under stress and not taking good care of ourselves.

vigo-lite_phase-4_inclusion_10x7-print_option-1-002_2_001.jpgWhen we pressure ourselves to be “the best” person to others, we are often confused about what this “best” actually looks like. Fear of failure, disappointing others and being unlovable are incredible motivators for us to go above and beyond our limits and increases the negativity within our minds.

Along with our negative self-talk, residing guilt and shame also tend to be more present this time of the year, and easily manifest after that second helping of mashed potatoes, just one more Christmas cookie or uncorking that third bottle of wine.

But just as with negative self-talk, these images we have created in our minds about good and bad are actually much more damaging to us mentally and spiritually than a few weeks of over-indulgence physically.

Regaining balance is also more challenging on an internal level than it is to physically get back on track after the holidays.

The self-inflicted insults, guilt and negative comments we swim in on a regular basis play a dramatic role on our overall well-being, not just during the holidays, but everyday.

The great news is that the way we talk to ourselves is something we have complete control over, and can change with a little awareness and positive reinforcement! This holiday season, why not give ourselves the gift of self-love, practise forgiveness and self-acceptance for who we are and what we can offer to others, in this moment.


Too busy to find an hour a day to show ourselves love?

Reserving a little bit of time and energy that is typically given to so many others, is one of the most difficult, yet rewarding things we can do for ourselves over the holidays. Practising this in a small way, everyday, is a great start to showing yourself that you are worthy of love, and to begin quieting that inner negative chatter in your head.

Mindfulness is gold

Becoming aware of our thoughts is an important aspect to healing them, and something as simple as a change in perception can make a big difference. So this holiday season, when you are joining your family around the dinner table or laughing with friends enjoying your favourite cocktail, take a moment to quietly find gratitude for the experience. Reflect on how you are feeling in the moment. Ask yourself if you are indulging to run from an uncomfortable emotion or simply enjoying the company and experience of the holiday.

If negative thoughts of shame or guilt attempt to overcome your mind and heart, give yourself grace.

You took the time to be aware of your behaviour and you deserve a hug for that! If you were seeking comfort from a difficult emotion, don’t berate yourself for how you handled it, take pride for recognizing it. If your mind attempts to tell you that you were undeserving of your indulgences or body shame you, affirm that you are an amazing being of love and deserving of abundance in all of its forms.

The-Secret-Sauce-for-a-Health-Happy-Holiday-Season-Gratitude-Mindfulness-6-11180.jpgIt will be hard in the beginning to believe what you are telling yourself, but don’t stop. Our minds believe what they are repeatedly told, so reminding ourselves that we are worthy and loveable will create a space in our hearts for that truth to grow.

Wishing you true wellness this Christmas 😍. #YouArePossible #IAmPossible #LetsBePossibleTogether


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