as-long-as-youre-still-breathing-you-can-start-a-new-beginning-quote-1It’s day 4 of our December 2016 30-day self-development challenge dubbed the #PM30DayChallenge, and here’s the newsflash: you can begin again.

Reclaim your power. Get serious and chart a new course for yourself. You know that it is time to make a major shift in your life.

Stop putting it off. Do it now.

1. Follow your heart.

This part is easy, and hard at the same time, because inasmuch as we’ve heard it since we were little, we often don’t seem to understand what it means to “follow your heart”. But it’s simple, really – just do what you’re passionate about; something that you feel gives your life meaning.

vigo-lite_phase-4_inclusion_10x7-print_option-1-002_2_001.jpgWe all have that one thing that gives us a sense of purpose, especially when we sincerely serve others.

2. Build a personal vision.

You need to have a vision of a life that you love – no matter what 2016 has been like! Then set out to make it happen, no matter what.

3. See yourself at the finish line.

See yourself enjoying your life and making a difference in your new life.

4. Create a strong social circle.

Friends who bring value and access to new ideas, resources and people are your best assests right now.

5. Live life in service to your higher self.

staff-awards-advertorial-mva-fund-page-001Your future is brightwe than ever and in your hands. Even if the realization of a chronic diagnosis may have hit you to the ground, decide to live your best life, anyway.

The way I see it, the realization of my chronic illness is more of a nudge – some kind of push – to actually achieve all my dreams and live a very fulfilling life inspire of it…because now I know I’m on a timer.

Do YOU! You owe it to yourself to become “positively selfish”. You do not need any other persons’ approval to pursue your dreams. Approve of yourself.

6. Do not allow your dream to expire.

Act on your ideas and make your mark! Leave your footprints in the sands of time. You can do it! You are capable. You ARE possible, because you have something special – you have GREATNESS within you!

Happy Soul Search Sunday!


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