Image result for moving forward with confidence to achieving life’s goalsWe have learnt a lot within the last 24 days of our on-going 52-day wellness and self-development course dubbed #Mission52.

The more I teach, the more I learn, and today, I’ve come across probably the biggest question we mentioned at the beginning (when we began making lists – what’s your biggest challenge. Do you remember?) of the course, but never got to dissecting it. The question sums up most of the “what-ifs” the choir within tells us – what if I fail? “What-if” is the most paralyzing question, and it keeps us from pursuing our biggest dreams. Once you get past it, however, then the biggest question must follow…

img_20160925_060138.jpgThe question is: “What is my limiting step?” Asking yourself this question is, by far, one of the most valuable exercises you can engage in, when setting goals. Ask yourself; “what is the one factor that determines the speed at which I achieve my goal, or whether I achieve it at all throughout my personal development?”


Your ability to identify your limiting step is one of the best demonstrations of your intelligence and a set towards building self-confidence. Your capacity to eliminate this ‘limiting step’ is one of the best demonstrations of your overall competence in achieving anything you want.

Building Self-Confidence Is Critical

Image result for building self-confidence to achieving goalsIn studying everything that has been written or said about personal development and success, the conclusion I have come to is that your level of self-confidence is probably the critical factor in everything you accomplish. When you have enough self-confidence, you will try almost anything. Because success is largely a matter of averages, or probabilities, the more things you try, the more likely it is that you will achieve greatly.

Try More Things

vigo-lite_phase-4_inclusion_10x7-print_option-1-002_2_001.jpgThe same is true for you. By setting goals, trying more things, engaging in more activities, and exploring more opportunities, your probabilities of success increase dramatically. The only real limiting step that you might have is your level of self-confidence. When you reach the point at which you believe in yourself absolutely, the barriers that exist in your external world will not stop you.

The major obstacles to success always lie within the mind of the individual. They are not contained in external circumstances, situations or people. By building self-confidence you win the inner battle, the outer battle seems to take care of itself.

Three Great Ideas For Personal Development

Image result for take full responsibility for your lifeI have learned three important ideas for building self-confidence:

  1. Accept complete responsibility for yourself and for everything that you are and ever will be.
  2. Accept that you can change your situation only by going to work on yourself and learning the things you need to know to be better.
  3. Setting goals with time lines – to achieve a goal in 52 days, for instance – for the things you want and then work every day to bring those goals into reality.

We Sabotage Ourselves

Image result for we sabotage ourselvesOur natural tendency is to work hard until we find a method or technique that works for us, whether in life, work, or relationships, and then, for some perverse reason, we promptly abandon the technique and go back to behaving in our old ways, in a random and haphazard manner. Classic example of “If you do the same thing the same way, you’ll receive the same results you’ve always gotten”. And yet we still continue, because we find comfort in what’s familiar. It’s slow death, believe me.

A mental exercise program for personal development, like setting goals and positive thinking, is very much like a physical exercise program. If you expect it to really work for you, you have to practice it persistently, every day, and keep at it indefinitely. When I began to apply these proven success principles to my life, and worked on them every day, I was able to bring about almost miraculous changes in every area of my life.

Setting Goals: The Secret to Success

Image result for we sabotage ourselvesEvery successful man or woman that I have ever talked to or read about has come to pretty much the same conclusion. By every measure, you have more talent and ability than you could use in 100 lifetimes. You, too, can step on the accelerator of your own potential and begin moving forward at a speed that will amaze you by setting goals.

Many people who have listened to, watched or read my content have come back to me and told me that they cannot believe how fast their lives began to improve by setting goals on a daily basis.

What is your limiting step, and what are you doing about it? Remember, you’ve got this and God’s got you. #YouArePossible #IAmPossible #LetsBePossibleTogether.


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