Image result for what have you achieved this weekWe usually do something basic on Fridays where we focus on what makes us, us – self-affirmations, and we do it in a fun, and realistic way, hence the headline hashtags. However, I felt obliged to encourage us today, after last night’s class. We’ve been talking about insecurity, confidence and the comparison game since Monday, and inasmuch as we may pull out the roots to uncover what’s kept us from achieving all these big dreams we desire, maybe sometimes, we also need an assuring touch on the shoulder…to march on.

On day 16 of our 52-day wellness and self-development course, #Mission52 (yesterday, the 6th of October), the assignment was to asses how far each one us has come, in pursuing the goals we had set out to achieve from day 1 (which was 21st of September). So my question is: What does your road look like today? Is it smooth and easy? Is it windy and bumpy? Is it dark and blurry?

But here’s a thought…

Sometimes the valley’s deep
Sometimes the mountain’s high
Sometimes we get to rest
Sometimes we have to fight and other times, we may feel lost even.vigo-lite_phase-4_inclusion_10x7-print_option-1-002_2_001.jpg

Be that as it may, get this, however; our circumstances in life can change in an instant. Things may begin well and then something derails us, and suddenly the road ahead looks long, hard and impossible. Sometimes, we may not even see it at all, and the future we were so sure about and the beginning of this pursuit to a better life, becomes full of unknowns.

Image result for keep hope aliveIn the inconsistency of our lives, though, we have one constant: hope. Some arrogant souls around the world termed ‘hope’ as principle meant for losers who don’t know what to do with their lives. So they hope it’s all going to change, somehow. Nope. That’s wishful thinking. See, a goal without a plan is merely a wish, they say. Truly so, it is. So sometimes, that hope is all we have. It keeps us going. It keeps us moving forward, even if moving forward looks like taking one small step at a time. We press on toward the goal to win the prize for which we have been called to.

We march!
I’m walking on the upward way
With a heart of faith
Climbing higher and higher
Holding onto the hand that leads

img_20160925_060138.jpgWe don’t have to march on alone. We have each other. That’s why in yesterday blog post, I challenged us to host someone this week, either in their home or by honoring another woman with their company. Sometimes knowing that you’re not alone and that you have someone willing to walk with you this journey [in pursuit of your scariest dream] is all you need. So when the way down here feels long, focus on the upward way by putting in the work [no magic], and having faith like potatoes – it’s hope in something bigger than you, than all of us. It is when you put one foot in front of the other, and March on.

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