Image result for confident to achieve the dreamSome of us embark on the journey of achieving our biggest dreams ever – in this case, the 52-day journey we’re currently on dubbed #Mission52 – feeling confident in our abilities. I mean, this should be a piece of cake, seeing that we graduated from pre-school, primary and high schools, as well as college, right? Easy-peezy!

It’s like motherhood (for those of us with kids), you may reason – you babysat when you were in junior high and high school. Some of us had younger siblings we helped care for. Others are just natural nurturers who transition into motherhood without a hitch. However, as with every goal, we may sometimes struggle with feeling competent for the job. We doubt our abilities. We question if we really have what it takes to raise this child, grow this business from the ground up on our own, adopt that baby and truly care for it as if it were your own, quit drinking and get a decent job, start that business, get your spiritual, mental, emotional and physical well-being together, not to mention get out of debt. We reel when we mess up. We condemn ourselves when we lose our patience. What’s happening to you has a name. It’s called insecurity.


Insecurity happens when the voices inside our heads – you know, the choir within – tell us we aren’t enough. . .  but enough for what? For whom?

Insecurity is also a cousin to fear. When we need to step out in courage, insecurity keeps the “what if’s” in front of us. ‘What if I say the wrong thing? What if I say I can do this, but then I find out I really can’t? What if I let him/her/them down? What if …?’ Sometimes we can “what if?” ourselves right into the fetal position!

Image result for insecurityIf insecurity keeps us locked up in doubts, confidence is the key that will unlock the insecurity chains that bind us. Insecurity says, “I can’t.” Confidence says, “I can because I was created for this and my Creator will show me how!” I call it the “God-confidence”.

True confidence is really “God-confidence.” It’s not so much about believing in ourselves as it is about believing in what God can do through us. It’s changing the message inside our heads from “I can’t” to “God can!”

Image result for confident to achieve the dreamConfidence recognizes a divine design. You and I were created to do life in relationship with the God who created us. His grace covers over our imperfections, whether or not we recognize His existence or not. We don’t have to be church-going Christians to acknowledge this. We don’t have to have a relationship with religion, no matter what you adhere to. All we need is faith – a spiritual relationship with the ultimate divinity. That’s it. It’s in acknowledging that you just didn’t wake up today because you took good care of your body before you went to bed last night. Nah. It’s called grace (don’t start a religious argument over this point; I don’t care for religion. I care for a true, and meaningful connection with God).

When we learn to see ourselves through God’s eyes, we can embrace our imperfections and rest in the knowledge that He made us exactly in His perfect will. That dream that keeps nudging on your consciousnesses, because it was created within you to attain it. Confidence is knowing you can!

Image result for confident to achieve the dreamConfidence also happens when we celebrate who God made us to be, rather than lament who we aren’t. Insecurity keeps us looking at other women, longing to be who they are: more creative, skinnier, smarter, more patient, a better cook. The list goes on and on. However, confidence happens when we embrace our strengths and our weaknesses, and then begin to pursue our biggest, scariest dreams and goals based on that knowledge about ourselves. We begin to see them as a fingerprint of who we are designed to be. We find contentment in being who we are, not who we aren’t. It’s freedom!

If you want to rid yourself of what I call the ‘Perfection Infection’, begin to move from insecurity to confidence. Take your eyes off yourself and put them on the truth there is about who you were created to be. This will equip you with whatever you need for the relationships and responsibilities given to you, going forward.

Remember; Insecurity is bondage to who we’re not. Confidence is freedom in who we are!

#Mission52, #MotivationMonday, #ConfidenceSeries #IAmPossible #YouArePossible #LetsBePossibleTogether


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