It’s #TriviaTuesday and I have to re-blog this article, as a little reminder that it takes simple, small changes in our daily routines, to form habits that can and will better equip us to reach our goals, whether or not they’re personal or collective.

Given that we’re currently undertaking our 52-day course, #Mission52, which is about realizing a dream in 52 days, it will take some sweat, blood and tears to get to the finish line. But to get to the bigger changes, we need to begin with the little changes that can and will motivate us to take on the big ones.

Take water conservation at home, at work or in public, for instance. Do you feel the need to use as much water as you desire, because you can afford the monthly bills, or do you feel the need to always remind people not to leave the tap running or to immediately attend to leaking pipes, etc., because you’re genuinely concerned about the well-being of Mother Earth? Well, the latter habit tells a lot about you and you should not let it go, because you’re the kind of person that gets things done, including your goals. How do I know? Because you like to see things done properly. You like order, and orderly people are, for the most part, highly effective people. Highly effective people become highly successful in whatever they pursue.

So below are a few tips to help you get into the habit of conserving water this week. Make it one of your goals, if you wish – to find easy and fun ways to conserve water at home every day – for the next 52 days. Isn’t that an enough goal to pursue?

Phenomenal Magazine

vigo-lite_phase-4_inclusion_10x7-print_option-1-002_2_001.jpgBy Phenomenal Magazine

CoW Brought to you by the City of Windhoek – Department of Infrastructure Water Technical Services

I swear I can’t tell you how many inner fights I have with my clan at home about water consumption and even wastage! You know; those little yelled-out confrontations you have with someone but only inside your head, because you want peace and won’t say how bothered you are by certain things around the house?

Well, I’m 100% sure my partner feels this way more than I, because he’s the best water-saver I personally know and never cheats his way through saving water! Never!

He will take his 2-minute showers whether or not anybody’s around to notice. He’ll do the dishes and steam them with double less water I’d use to do the same task, and the list goes on – what with reusing pasta water. Here are a few tips I’ve learnt…

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