img_20160925_060138.jpgThere’s a reason why God has placed that dream in your heart. It is attainable, that’s why!

But you won’t realize it by sitting on your laurels! Get up and own your life – the one you were destined for, not the mediocre one you live at present! Achieve that dream you said you’d pursue in 2016 but haven’t had the courage to get around to, because you’re paralyzed with fear of the impossible, and very busy listening to the deafening choir within, telling you how unworthy you are of this dream!be-fully-awake-if-you-want-to-dream-quote-1.jpg

The choir within says you’re not good enough. That you’re already too fat to attain your desired body size. That you’re too ugly and will never catch any man/woman’s eye, and will therefore settle for any man/woman who gives you even just a side-glance. That you’re not smart enough for that promotion. That you’ve messed way too much that nobody will ever give you a second chance. That you’re a failure and since you’ve been divorced, nobody will ever want you again. That you have a bad past and nobody will ever like or want you around them if they knew your real story. That you were sexually, physically, emotionally or mentally abused in the past, or as a child, and that as a result, nobody will ever want to be in a relationship with you.

The choir within also tells you negative things like how you’ll never start your own business because your business idea isn’t great enough. That nobody will ever lend you the capital to start your own business because you don’t have anything to offer as collateral, or even leverage.

Can you hear that choir within?

What else does it say? That all you’ll ever settle for are “touch-and-go” one-night-stands, because you can’t keep a partner? That you don’t bring value in your life or anybody else’s and should therefore quit life altogether? That you’re a bad parent/sister/friend/employee/employer/partner etc.?

Listen up, sugar; that choir can shush its face, if you learn how to silence it. That choir within you is the reason why you’re stuck in the job you hate. That choir within you is the reason why you’re stuck in that abusive relationship. That choir within you is the reason why you don’t travel but keep tabs on those who do and then resent them for it. That choir within you is the reason why you haven’t pursued further studies, which you actually desire to. That choir within you is the reason why you let people disrespect you. It tells you how there’s nothing special about you, that you should command respect. It tells that you’ll always be where you are, living that mediocre life because you deserve it… bluh, bluh, bluh!

No, honey. Working for your bills is no way to live. Staying in a relationship just because you think you don’t have a choice is no way to live. There’s always a choice. Most of our current life occurrences are due to our choices.

So make the choice today, to learn how to shush that choir in your head, and live the life God created you for on this earth. If you really want to soar like the eagle you are; soak your mind, body and soul in the on going 52-day course by Vicky Meg dubbed; ‘Mission 52’. This course will propel your goals into dreams and leave you living a life full of purpose.


Yes, you can do it in 52 days!

I challenge you to enroll NOW and live the life you desire!!! I BELIEVE IN YOU! You’ve got this and God’s got you!

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