“That dream that is in your heart is meant to be FULFILLED! There is a reason that you can feel it in the inside of you. That is because it is POSSIBLE to manifest it in reality. But God is waiting on YOU to make a move! It’s time to take ACTION!”

Those are the words that woke me up one Saturday morning, not long ago, from my sleep in a homeless shelter in which I had just checked into with my two daughters, a few days before. My heart pounded on my chest, and I was paralyzed with fear and shame, because I didn’t know what to make of it and I was going out of my mind doing my best to hide the current situation from the world. But after attending the Vivid Women’s Conference over the weekend, the message is much clearer to me. It is confirmed. He has spoken, I have listened.

Image result for god put a dream in my heartThe following day after that voice I’d heard in my sleep, I showed up at church as part of my Sunday routine expecting nothing much besides a regular Sunday, but God had news for me. My pastor had been doing a series about how Nehemiah rebuilt the walls of his city in 52 days. He taught about how Nehemiah was nobody special in the bible. He was not a prophet, or some super human, as were most of the biblical names. Nope. He was a wine-boy! His job was to taste the King’s wine before the King drank it, so that in case he died, the King would know not to drink it, because he would be then sure it was poisoned. But this guy managed to go and rebuild the walls of his fallen city in 52 days!!! But that morning, my  pastor said that if anybody believed God could, He would help them rebuild their lives. I was desperate to do that. I was instantly inspired.

In a homeless shelter at that point in time, I set out to “rebuild the walls of my city” in 52 days like Nehemiah had done those many years ago. Another voice inside of me reminded me that we weren’t living in biblical times anymore and that there was no way my children and I were getting out of the shelter. The voice said; “This time, there’s no getting out of this one!” But I refused. Come rain or sunshine, I was getting out of “this one”; this time, with God!

Image result for set realistic goals and expectations

But see, it’s one thing to get excited about what God has put in your heart and then check your reality. So given my reality, I really didn’t know how I was going to get out of “this one”, because I had zero everything (at least that’s what it looked like). But I remember kneeling down in church that morning, holding my girls’ tiny hands, in tears, begging God to send me a helper.

Very long story short, He didn’t do it immediately until we had outlived our time at the homeless shelter, but I was still convinced we were leaving that place. He sent help. The rest is history (for this platform).

The long and short of it is, I had that dream – to rebuild the walls of my life in 52 days and with God’s help, I did. God had placed that dream in my heart amidst the darkness and tears and naysayers. It wasn’t far-fetched, because, I mean, whose daughter wants to bring their friends to visit them at a homeless shelter, right? I know mine didn’t. But I had to move, for Him to begin to speak to me and direct me towards those He had already asked to say, ‘yes’ and ‘amen’ to me. #Mission52 worked for Nehemiah. It worked for me, not by my might, but because I chose to listen to what God had to say about my situation, through those He sent. It can work for you too. But you gotta get a move on so God can begin to speak!

Mission & Vision of #Mission52

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There’s a certain magic in putting a timer on your goals that doesn’t get old 🙂

#Mission52 is designed to take you back to the drawing board to see what’s what, in order to position yourself from the inside out, to “fill your cup”. It comes in the belief that YOU CAN. That you ARE capable. That all is POSSIBLE for you to achieve. That YOU ARE possible! But to get there, your inner confidence must be in place, not arrogance. I will teach you how to cultivate this.

Do you believe you can achieve your dream (whatever it is) in 52 days? I do. How?

Here’s a teaser on what your journey with me is going to look like:

  1. Set Goals (which I will teach you in details)

First, we will list down all the goals that you want to accomplish, no matter how big or small or silly you think they are. If you are not sure what you want in life, you are just bound to receive the unexpected. Nevertheless, bear in mind that goals should always be sensible and should be accomplishable.

Setting unrealistic goals are futile. Believe me, I’ve tried. We will write the most important goals at the top of the list and number them accordingly. This will help you focus more precisely. We will strike off each goal once it is accomplished.

The magic in writing down your goals is to help you to realize your priorities. And I’m big on priorities.

  1. Develop Strategies (which I will teach you in details)

Once we have listed your goals, we will evaluate and develop strategies to complete your goals. For example, if your goal is to shed some extra pounds, your broad strategy should be dieting and exercising. No magic tricks here. You’ll have to do the work, and you will need someone to give you that push, hence my part in this. So, we will map a particular strategy and dedication to pull off your goals.

  1. Have Definite Action Plans

Image result for definite action plans Once your broad line of attack is determined, we will work on your definite action plans. For instance, if dieting and exercising are your broad strategies to your weight loss goal, then your action plan should consist of a healthy diet chart; a healthy way of life, and an appropriate workout routine.

  1. Believe In Yourself

Yes, I believe in you, and that’s why I have you in my corner. But if you want to accomplish your goals and become successful in life, you have to believe in yourself and be YOUR biggest fan. All successful men and women today are, because they believed in something bigger than them, within themselves, and were confident about their capabilities – hence my #IAmPossible mantra. If you believe in yourself, then you can accomplish the goals you have set for yourself, no matter what.

  1. Review Your Progress

Image result for definite action plansWe will make sure you are making progress. We will review your progress every week to analyze how far you have reached in accomplishing your goals. If we find you are lagging behind, I will help you to recognize why your goal is not being met. We will find a solution to accomplish your goal.

Parting shot: Like I said in point number 4, self-motivation is a must, to achieve goals and any form of success in life – spiritual, financial, mental, emotional and even physical goals. Motivational content (overflowing on are a great way to keep you motivated and will help you to stay focused towards your goals – from #MotivationMonday, #TriviaTuesday, #WellnessWednesday, #TruthThursday, #FunFriday aka #SelfAffirmationDay, #SatisfactionSaturday to #SoulSearchSunday. The more self-motivated you are, the easier it will be to work towards your objectives.

ARE YOU READY?? #Mission52 begins this Wednesday, the 21st of September, 2016.


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