Image result for wellness wednesdayWednesdays here at Phenomenal Magazine are all about wellness; about practicing the things that make us physically, emotionally, mentally, financially and spiritually well. For instance, physical exercise increases the endorphin levels. Nutrition – what we consider edible and consume, how we connect with nature and fuel our spirituality — all these things contribute to our wellness. As we practice that, those feelings grow, causing a circumstantial impact – happiness.

“H” is for “Happiness,” long-term and short-term happiness – what the differences between them are, and what happiness has to do with your life.

A” has to do with “Appreciation” and gratitude – are you thankful even merely for being alive today?

P” We spoke about our incredibly powerful tools to connect to the blessings we already have “Present,” right now. That increases our happiness.

vigo-lite_phase-4_inclusion_10x7-print_option-1-002_2_001The other “P” is for “Perspective,” – how we choose to experience the situations in our lives. We can’t decide what comes into our day-to-day life or the challenges we face, but we can influence how we deal with that (refer to this week’s article about control). Even the young kids are saying, “I’m going to choose my happy place,” or “My happy path.” To know that they have a choice as to how they’re going to frame a challenge is wonderful.

I” is for “Inner Meanie, Inner Friend.” It’s based on the work of Dr. Carol Dweck at Stanford on mindset. She talks about a fixed and a growth mindset. We’ve put that into the language of kids. Your “Inner Meanie” is that inner critic’s voice that always tells you, “You don’t know enough, why even bother?” Your “Inner Friend” is that coach or dear helper inside you that will encourage you and say, “You can do it, just take one step, just try, and whatever you practice, you’re going to get better at.” My kids will often say “Don’t listen to your Inner Meanie.” It’s so cute – they’re actually getting it in their language.

N” is for “Ninja Mastery.” Ninjas are resourceful. They can master their emotions. We provide the tools to manage those big emotions that come up. How do we manage anger, or overwhelming sadness? This can be taught at a very young age.

E” is for “Empathy.” That’s our way of dealing with bullying at the root-cause level. To understand what it is to walk in another person’s shoes – to imagine, to visualize, and then, ultimately, to help.

S” is for “So Similar.” Picture the image of a tree with leaves of different colors, they could be different shapes – just as we are different in our backgrounds, in our holidays, in our languages, in our appearances. That’s wonderful, that’s something to celebrate. But at the core level, which is the trunk of the tree, we are all the same, we all want to be loved, we all want to belong, we all want to be heard. That’s what unites everybody in the world. No matter the difference in background, socio-economic history, or age, we’re all the same.

…by each of our thoughts and actions, we can open up to the idea of cultivating a greater happiness from within. This is a movement that we are all in together. By choosing happiness, kindness, peace, and compassion we change not only our lives but the world. It doesn’t have to do with wealth or stature. We can all heal ourselves and create a world where everyone can thrive… – Randy Taran of the Happiness Project

Finally (for the final “S”) is “Share Your Gifts.” Magnify the idea of identifying one’s strengths. Even if someone is not a whiz in math, they’re good at so many other things. They could be kind, they could have an affinity with nature, they could be wonderful speakers, and they could be creative. People can use those innate strengths to make a difference in their family, their community, and ultimately in the world.

No matter what happens within or around you, remember; you’ve got this and God’s got you! #YouArePossible #IAmPossible #LetsBePossibleTogether


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