Fear… oh my! You know that feeling that gets your heart racing out of control as though it is about to fall out of your mouth and onto your sweaty palms? When you’re short of breath and your digestive track goes into spasms? Yeah, we all experience it at some point in our lives, right?

Did you know, however, that fear has very real effects on the human body, which are meant to protect us from danger? In our daily lives, a small amount of fear or even insecurity can be beneficial in keeping us motivated. However, when fear and insecurity cast a shadow on common sense, such unhealthy thought processes can cloud your judgment and deter you from achieving your dreams – fear of the unknown.

Additionally, constant anxiety, self-doubt and irrational fear can cause a myriad of health problems, including digestive ailments, migraines, depression, high blood pressure and heart problems. That said, it is very important to be constantly aware of your inner fears and insecurities, and to recognize if and when they are preventing you from living the life you are meant to live – a life of abundance (financially, spiritually, mentally, emotionally and yes, physically), not of lack and complacence.

So how can you let go of this paralyzing feeling coupled with insecurity?

  1. Identify and acknowledge the existence of your fears – The first step in dealing with fear is recognizing exactly what it is you’re afraid of and writing them down [visibly] on paper. Are you afraid of failure? Rejection? Seeming stupid to others? Abandonment? Poverty? Once you determine your fears, try and ascertain your reasons for fearing those things. Are your uncertainties rooted in rationality (as in fear of snakes) or are they a product of your own sentiments (as in fear of the unknown, say, in pursuing a big dream)?
  2. Don’t overthink anything – Of course it’s wise to think circumstances through before making a major decision, but too much thinking inhibits you from actually doing anything. And as they say; if you do not act on anything out of fear of the unknown, you’ll never move forward. That sucks! So stop over-analyzing every single little thing by [especially] talking yourself out of making important decisions and just act!
  3. Identify and build on your strengths – When you remind yourself of what you’re good at and what you like about yourself, you increase more self-assurance or build on lacking self-confidence. This is a fear killer! So the next time you feel that sinking feeling in the depths of your stomach, try to think about at least three strong qualities that make you irreplaceable… and then go ahead and slaughter that dream like a pro!
  4. Stay well – it goes without saying that exercise and healthy nutrition are good or the body. But did you know that a healthy lifestyle can also lift your overall daily frame of mind and keep you stress-free? When you’re peaceful, you feel sensible and self-reliant. A relaxed, balanced and confident individual is a productive and inspired individual.
  5. Have a strategy – They say a goal without a plan is just a wish. Without a plan, it is very easy to get lost in despair. Goal setting can give you some direction and give you a sense of purpose, causing you to rise above your fears to accomplish that big, scary dream. The plus side for this tip is; for every objective you will have achieved when you act on a plan, you will gain that extra boost of confidence and winning attitude that will help you overcome your anxieties.

Believe it or not, fear of being evacuated once kept me from unpacking in a new apartment, all because my kids and I had been put out of places so many times that at that point in time, I figured if I only unpacked what we needed on a daily basis, when time came to pack up, I wouldn’t have a hard time moving on, since almost everything would still be packed in boxes. It took me a long time to overcome that kind of fear. I learnt to look within myself, trust my decisions and begin to love myself more by practicing ways to build my self-confidence. And so can you. Because when it boils down to it, fear is much a product of the mind and more of an internal struggle than a reflection of the reality in the outside world.

Concur your fears. You’ve got this, and God’s got you. #YouArePossible #IAmPossible #LetsBePossibleTogether #WellnessWednesday


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