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It’s #TriviaTuesday! Today, I share my most favorite at-home life hacks for “super moms”, especially working single moms looking to save on everything they can think of (like me), because, well, life is hard! To live better and stress free, I’ve come up with some pretty cool life hacks to help me save not only money, but resources such as the scarce water (in Namibia) 🙂

Let’s get hacking…


  1. The Ariel Pods Double Dose: I love this hack, because it’s a 3-in-1 deal. And who doesn’t like a good bargain? In a single pod, you get fabric softener, washing liquid and bleach, enough for a single auto-wash load. For hand-wash, it gets even better, because it is easier to use the same water in a basin to wash several garments. Yes, it is a tedious affair, especially for auto-wash laundry sessions. But look at it on the bright side: if you do your laundry on Friday evenings like me, you’ll have all weekend to rest :-)!        The hack is to use the same pod for two loads of laundry by dispensing water for the first load in buckets or any other water tins, big enough to contain the whole amount of water, and reusing it for the next load. You can then rinse and spin as usual. However, remember to press ONLY “wash” until you keep the water in the tins, then you can continue on automatic mode. This works best if the first load comprises all whites while the second load contains less stained clothes, such as adult clothes. Repeat the same for stained children’s clothes (as a first load) and then other garments for the second load of the same water and pod you used in the next load. This way, you not only save water, but you also use only two pods for four loads in one single laundry session. How cool is that?
  2. Boiling water like a pro: kitchen3You how annoying it is when water begins to splash all over your stove-top whenever you boil water, say, for cooking pasta, rise, etc.? Well, I discovered this hack by accident while cooking last night – I placed a wooden spoon over my boiling pot of water and noticed that there wasn’t any “bublebublebuble” all over the place! And when I looked it up, just to make sure I wasn’t making something up that didn’t exist, I found out that it’s actually a thing! Cool, huh? See? Saves you water and well, time.
  3. Banana Savior: kitchen2This is probably my most favorite hack, because my little girls like bananas but I always end up throwing most of it, because they either become mushy when they carry them to school or dry up in my vegetable basket. So this one, I also discovered yesterday by accident, when I packed my girls’ lunches with a banana in each box, and for some reason, neither of them ate theirs. As I unpacked their bags when we got home, I noticed that their sandwich clingy wraps had stuck on the banana stems. They didn’t stay “unscathed” because the wraps were barely clinging onto the stems, but it was enough to save them for an evening pudding. Now I know what to do next time, because let’s face it, your child prefers to carry apples to school just like mine, but bananas are cheaper than apples! 🙂

Happy saving, mommies! Do share with us any other life hacks you use to save money and resources at home. Let’s save water while we save money! We are possible!


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