The one father who takes the cake above them all. And yes, he still takes breakfast with his wife at exactly the same time, before he heads to make sure Namibia is in good books!

He is a father beyond fathers day!

Phenomenal Magazine

…teach them in the way they should go…

Finance Minister, Calle Schlettwein Finance Minister, Calle Schlettwein

Most people say being a foreigner in Namibia is one of the toughest things to hold up, but when is being a foreigner in any country ever easy, really? You actually don’t know how horrible your country’s system is until you’re outside looking in.

Then again, they say being a white African is one of the most challenging realities to live with. I mean, Idi Amin made them disappear and Robert Mugabe makes them run to God knows where. In Namibia, however, besides the usual rants of the occasionally upset non-whites screaming about national assets robbed of them or salary discrepancies, etc., living in Namibia as either a visitor, white or foreign, isn’t so bad. Friendly people, really.

But such aren’t aspects of everyday life that keep the Minister of Finance, formerly of Trade, Honorable Carl Hermann Gustav…

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