fathers day child quoteNORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – With smiling faces but broken hearts, Dan and Maxi Cortez walked into the spiritual lift they have been waiting for.

A note signed “Enjoy your babies, they don’t stay little long. From the family across from you, God bless you.”

The note was signed on the back of their Red Lobster receipt. An anonymous family paid for the Cabot family’s lunch on Sunday. The unknown family did more than just pay for a Father’s Day meal, though.

“I got my girls, and I’m happy, but if I had all three I’d be spectacular,” said Daniel.

After Maxi gave birth to triplets, baby Landon was diagnosed with meningitis and passed away in July at seven weeks. This was the first Father’s Day without Landon.

“From the time, he was born he never closed his eyes. He just wanted to be awake all the time. It’s like he knew that he only had a short time,” said Maxi.

Maxi said there is new life in the Cortez family thanks to someone willing to give them the spark again.

“Our family at one point was complete. We had our whole family at home together only to turn around and have one of the biggest pieces of our heart torn away. It’s the hardest thing any person would have to go through,” said Maxi.

With Landon close to the family’s heart, Dan and Maxi will watch Harper and Harlow grow up because like the note said, they won’t stay little for long.

“Just to see someone reach out to complete strangers and show a little bit of kindness,” said Maxi.

Dan and Maxi said they would like to meet the family who paid for their meal and say thank you for giving them new life.


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