Mothers-Day-Card-Ideas20This May, Phenomenal Magazine turns ONE. The debut edition was first published on 10th of May 2015, which was Mothers’ Day.

Therefore, it is our pleasure to share with you this special moment, even though the dates do not coincide. So Happy Birthday to us and HAPPY MOTHERS’ DAY to YOU!

Last year, we celebrated women in positions of authority and power in Namibia; the kind of women we aspire to emulate “when we grow up”. Some of these women’s lives have dramatically changed within the past twelve months, with some welcoming new [little] members of their families while others garner numerous accolades in their wake. These are women who change this country, if not the entire society and the way we look at it, every single day.

In commemorating Mothers’ Day this year, we celebrate the women who have shaped Phenomenal Magazine since 10th May 2015 to date. Find ALL the stories on the “Phenomenal Women” page from the home page, read away and be inspired with moving struggles and successes of the likes of Ally Angula, Cynthia Martin,  Natasja Beyleveld… [the list goes on]. The motive behind these stories is to inspire, motivate, encourage and mostly challenge YOU to break out from your own strongholds and be…phenomenal, for the world awaits your greatness.

As part of the “phenomenal journey”, we launched the short video content (SVC) arm of our brand last October dubbed ‘#IAmPossible’ in which we shot 2-3 minute videos addressing issues we face every day

And then came our biggest projects to date: The #PM30DayChallenge, in which we uploaded a video every single day in December addressing the negative qualities we would not like to begin 2016 with. All the videos can be found on our Facebook page (click here).

PM bday

This year began with themed articles. January spoke about all you can be this year is within you. In February, instead of looking for dates for Valentines’ Day, we talked about loving oneself from the inside out with preceding articles and videos featuring life coach, Karen Powel, Tanya Stroh, Jade Gold, Tanya and Michael Amey of Koi (articles to feature soon), Estelle Tjipuka, Aunt Joan Guriras, Afra Shiming-Chase and her ‘7 Habits of Highly Effective People’, Shavonne Burger and many many more that are yet to and have already been featured.  March focused on what independence means to us while April featured entertainers Tjuna and Lize-Elhers on wellness.

That said, since May is dedicated to mothers,  watch out for FRESH articles throughout this month featuring this month’s theme: Working Moms.

Here is the full list of all the stories we featured last Mothers’ Day:

  1. Motherhood without God is futile – Rosalia Martins-Hausiku ( CEO-MVA Fund). Rosalia is a new mom. Congrats! 🙂
  2. The olden mom did it, what are we complaining about – Penny Akwenye
  3. Motherhood is not for the faint at heart – Roux-Che Locke (O&L Group). Roux is a new mom too. Congrats! 🙂
  4. Motherhood goes beyond Mothers’ Day – Blog
  5. Every mom is a working mom – Saara Kuugongelwa-Amadhila (Prime Minister). This story was iced by the OPM last May but it will feature here this month.
  6. Motherhood is resilience at its best _ Cynthia Martin-Haihambo (Women of Destiny – WoD)
  7. No failure is fatal, no success is final – Natasja Beyleveld (NaMedia)
  8. And though she be but little, she is fierce –  Her Worship Valerie Aron (Okahandja Mayor)
  9. Sail away from the safe harbour – Ally Angula (My Republik | Leap Namibia)
  10. Perfection is in the eye of the beholder – Nonnie Tjitemisa (NDTC)
  11. Out of respect is love born – Rosi Schlechter (Eros Coffee Shop)
  12. No failure is fatal; no success is final – Natasja Beyleveld (NaMedia)
  13. Losing is not part of winning – Ilse Stears (Caffee Brazza)


Below is a Mothers’ Day poem written in conjunction to one of the visionaries of this country, the brainchild of the Namibian launch of The Inspiration Project (TIP) Africa, and the brains behind the story in the book ’20 Beautiful Women’ – Africa Edition. Just for Phenomenal Magazine. Thanks Lelanie! We appreciate you!


The Choice For Beauty

By Lelanie Basson – Best Selling Author, Entrepreneur and Managing Member: Twafiika Group 

Forever, I will hold you

Forever, you will stay

Forever, a love unknown

That will never go away


An act of loving kindness

An act never spoken of before

An act that hurts me deeply

But bounds me to you forever more


For ashes are turned to beauty

For beauty shall prevail

The act of loving kindness

Of a mothers untold tale


Each day I choose to release the power of self-forgiveness

For I know you’ve taught me to

Today, I know the love

That binds a beautiful little girl, Our Creator and her mommy forever true.

Book can be purchased on:

To my mother and to you and your mothers, Happy Mothers’ Day 2016!



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