What comes to mind at the mention of a “hero”? hero mayaA devastatingly handsome man with abs to die for [and not necessarily in a batman/superman costume], who aaaaaalways comes in the middle of a crisis to save the day [and almost always ends up with the girl]?

Well, as sexist as that may sound, the dictionary definition of a hero is, in fact, “a person, typically a man, who is admired for their courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities”.

And the synonyms are so flattering, oh my gosh – champion, conqueror, knight, white hat… Funny much? Well, let me humour you!

It’s 2:18am and I’m awake, not because I can’t or don’t want to sleep, but because my sweet little 15-month old baby can’t. She’s not wet, hungry or – God forbid – sick, because believe me, I’ve checked to make sure. From the looks of it, she just wants a little “me-time” with mommy. Yeah, I know, in the middle of the night!

heros faveSo to soothe her back to sleep, I sing her favorite songs as I tap her back in my arms while she coos and then wiggles when I stop tapping. Miss Attention, we call her. She eventually sleeps, though. Happens every night, usually as soon as her big sis tucks in. Clever, huh?

But here’s my twist with these late nights, especially following recent occurrences, they remind me of what these little earthly angels have done for me and how indebted I shall remain to them for the rest of my life.

My beautiful daughters are my heroes. They remind that God lives. Without these two munchkins, I’d have lost all hope of ever living again, really. Without these two monkeys, I’d have probably been a victim of passion killing, like, a long, long time ago!hero saint

They give me the courage to earnestly pray, to forgive myself, to let go and let God, to smile, to genuinely laugh, to giggle, to want more from this life than all the crap that’s been handed to me in the past, which took away important pieces of me with each waking day. They remind me that I, too, matter. They’re teaching me to love myself again.

I’ve started writing my first book. Yeah, two weeks in, hence the silence around here.

It’s been a long time coming. I’ve often started but ran short of words. Now I know I have something to say. A message with a purpose. A legacy, even. Inspired message, if you will.

hero biggerSo if the dictionaries’ definition of a hero must “typically” be male-attached, then I’m sorry [Your Grace] but my babies are mine. They’ve taught me to be courageous, because they oh-so are! They’re teaching me to redefine life and why I’m here. They’re teaching me lots and lots of noble qualities I didn’t even imagine I could nurture in myself. And my eldest is a good student whose teachers sing praise of and whose school work hangs in the school corridors. I’m a proud mom!

hero herculesAnd my little one has taught me to love things in a way I hadn’t ever thought of. For some reason, the baby songs only go so far at bedtime, until of course Jenn Johnson kicks in with ‘God I Look To You’. Works every time and I’m listening to it right now.

The above might not “fit” in the average [mostly stuck-up] person’s idea of a hero but, please, riddle or humour me even, because without these babies, I’d be dead today.

They’re my knights without horses. They’re my “batgirls” without costumes. They’re my champions without medals. They’re my white hats!

My best friend spent a few hours with them about three weeks ago while I attended a work dinner and this is what she said at my return; “Apple is such a great big sis and Sam loves her so much it made me break down as I watched how they interacted! Gosh, it’s like they’ve decided that it’s them against the world and the world better bring it, ‘cause they’re ready!”

hero deeds      I wept!

So there you have it; my personal heroes are my little girls. However, since August is the ‘Heroes Month’, I shall bring you the people outside my inner circle who have shaped my direction in one way or the other. Let’s call them M.O.H (my other heroes). Stick around to read about the few I’ve managed to steal their precious time out of busy schedules. You’ll be inspired to pursue greatness too, and do anticipate my book :-).

Till then, let’s hear from or about your hero(es).


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