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If it weren’t for our dynamic media commercializing holidays, such as Mothers’ Day and Fathers’ Day, would you walk into a store and buy your mom or dad a “Mothers’ Day” or a “Fathers’ Day” present, whatever those are, just because?

Let’s be real here, most people don’t even speak to their parents until those particular days when they send mere “Happy Mothers’ Day, mom”, or “Happy Fathers’ Day, dad” texts, etc. I mean, I don’t know how often Ashton Kutcher speaks or even interacts with his mom, but I bet renovating her basement as he did this Mothers’ Day would have been done any other day – it’s not as if he’s the kind of son who needs to “save” some extra cash to do something nice for his mommy dearest. Heller, the man can afford it! But I totally respect what he did. Brought up by a step-father…

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