DBN Electricity Fund

dbn-ad-electricity-a4_001The Development Bank of Namibia (DBN) fosters, empowers and finances bold new ventures. Whether large or small, a start-up or expansion, private or public sector,

DNB generates success, innovation, growth and prosperity. The Bank provides finance for private sector start-ups and expansions, equity deals, bridging finance, enterprise development finance, trade finance, small and medium enterprises, public private partnerships, public sector infrastructure, local authorities, and bulk finance to responsible micro-finance providers. The DBN only finances Namibian participation in projects.
Projects are evaluated on the basis of: Viability, sound equity structure, adequate security, management skills, experience and participation, environmental soundness, employment creation, income generation, development of infrastructure, as well as the diversification of economic activity.
The Bank believes that good business, smart partnerships and good ideas are good for development. Its doors are open for firms with bold visions, sound business plans or excellent business proposals. Development Bank of Namibia Chairperson Penny Akwenye rededicated the Bank to poverty alleviation through finance for enterprises and infrastructure.


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