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Phenomenal Magazine’s worldwide launch is this Mothers’ Day, well, because mothers are simply phenomenal beings!

The debut edition of this online magazine will feature women in positions of power who are not only great mothers but phenomenal leaders in their respective fields, and it will run until the end of May.

Phenomenal Magazine has sat with these women, listened to them tell their journeys thus far and will eventually share their stories with you. But why women, you may ask? Well, Phenomenal Magazine believes women, however well they do in life, would rather downplay their successes than blow their horns.

The nagging question then is; who will celebrate you, woman, if you don’t appreciate yourself first? Well, Phenomenal Magazine will, because you are just too “humble” to blow your own horn, yet truly phenomenal. Dear reader, this site is for those seeking inspiration. Inspiration to get out of their shells. Inspiration to face the tough, cold world, head-on. Inspiration to simply be phenomenal. Believe me, you’ll find it all here.

With stories featuring great women such as the Prime Minister of the Republic of Namibia, Saara Kuugongelwa-Amadhila, to Businesswomen such as the owner of Economist Namibia, be sure to “aah” “woooo” and weep, and then log out with something to write home about. Some famous woman once said, “if every woman told her story, the earth would shatter.” We say, what’s stopping us from doing some shattering, ladies?

Trust you me; your story could well be what, for instance, a single mom in an abusive relationship needs to gather the courage to start anew, far from the abuse, and simple be phenomenal. Or it could be what someone going through some sort of career “identity-crisis” needs to break out and find themselves.

So here we go!

We shall share stories of the phenomenal women at least three times a day until this month-end, to remind you, dear reader, that whatever you’re currently going through has been experienced and overcome before by someone else through the grace of God.

These stories aren’t recipes for success but the jolt you might just need for that long-awaited breakthrough. That said, starting this Sunday till the end of this month, we will feature the greatness of motherhood.

Watch this space. It’s happening, and it’s phenomenal. Happy reading, be inspired, stay blessed and remember; you ARE phenomenal whether or not you realize it!


This goes to all the phenomenal mothers in the world. From my heart to yours, God's got us, right? :)
This goes to all the phenomenal mothers in the world. From my heart to yours, God’s got us, right? 🙂


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