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Just as the next mom, Mothers’ Day, for me, means lots.

It is one of the special days of the year besides my birthday when I see my now 7-year-old daughter break her back to put a huge smile to my face! In pre-school, her teacher made her and her classmates make really cute “Cards for Mom” and she made me stick it on our fridge until the next Mothers’ Day!

Every time I cooked or passed by the fridge while around the kitchen, I’d see it. It was a constant reminder of the effort she had put into that card and I’d get that warm fuzzy feeling remembering how her face lit when she came home with it, smiling from ear to ear before saying, “Mommy, close your eyes, I have a Mothers’ Day card surprise for you!” Well, some surprise, right? Especially after spilling all the details. The only detail she didn’t see coming was my reaction; I was literally in tears! I genuinely loved that card and even took photos of it to share with my then colleagues.

She was pleased that I appreciated her Mothers’ Day gift for me.

I often wonder what her reaction would have been had I, say, made a face or took too long to react.

Then last year came. Unfortunately, I was in serious labor pains with my younger angel’s pregnancy. We didn’t, as a result, have our girl-time because we were focused on making the pain bearable.

Fast-forward to this year, she’s been on and offline trying to make a “DIY gift pack for mom”. Well, another surprise ruined because we use the same laptop and I’m a curious one.

Happy Mothers' Day!
Happy Mothers’ Day!

She doesn’t know that I know, of course :).

Point is; there’s something about motherhood that changes your entire outlook on life, love and people. My girls do that for me. My youngest turns 1 next Tuesday, 12th May, while the oldest turns 8 on September 26th.

If you’re reading this and you’re a [especially a single] mom, you can guess which part of the house I’m posting this from and whether or not the girls are awake. Simple mathematics.

But my motherhood journey has come a long way, as have many other mothers’. This month, therefore, Phenomenal Magazine will celebrate mothers till month-end with shared stores of other phenomenal mothers. These stories could be what you need to enlighten your load. So don’t miss any of them.

I dedicate this to my mom; Happy Mothers’ Day, mom.

And Happy Mothers’ Day to every mother out there.

Happy Reading!


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